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Sample Resumes
The skills resume emphasizes what you can do rather than the places you worked.
The chronological resume is for those who worked consistently in positions that are closely related to each other.
According to Purdue OWL this is one of the most commonly used resume styles.
This interactive resume example will help guide you through the process of constructing and building your perfect resume.
This detailed and instructive Curriculum Vitae example is provided by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Helpful Links
USA Career Services department is the definitive resource for South Alabama students looking for career advising and planning. The website also offers information on available jobs and upcoming career fairs.
Purdue OWL's page offers detailed descriptions regarding resumes and curriculum vitas.
This resource discusses the difference between a Resume and a CV. It also provides some useful links that will help with that job search.
Onet is a great resource for locating job descriptions to place on your resume. Onet also provides information on job outlook and sustainability.
Texas A & M's writing center provides a variety of resources on resume writing, executive summaries, professionalism in email, and much more.
The University of North Carolina's Writing Center has some great resume and cover letter handouts.