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Sample Paper

Provided by Purdue OWL, this highly detailed sample paper is intended for psychology students, but the APA content could help any student that has to write in APA style.

Helpful Links
This resource from Purdue OWL addresses such topics as writing Social Work literature reviews and Writing in Psychology.
This link takes you to the Marx Library's course guide section where you can find information pertinent to your coursework in Social Work, Sociology, and Psychology.
This guide by the University of Michigan has a helpful section on writing and publishing in the Health and Social Sciences, and it includes information on APA and AMA styles.
This resource provides a framework to follow when developing a paper for your social science class. The page provides important information on developing a thesis and supporting it with evidence.
This link provides important citation information for anthropology students, and it also details information on AAA style and how it now relates to Chicago style.
This guide offers, at a glance, information on which citation style to use for your particular discipline.